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7 Reasons Why A Weekend In The Catskills Is Better Than A Weekend in NYC

When people outside of New York think of New York, most of the time they think of New York City. While this isn’t a bad thing, it’s important to witness the majestic beauty that New York has to offer right here in the Sullivan County Catskills. Here are seven reasons why a weekend in the Sullivan County Catskills is better than a weekend in New York City. 

Culture Isn’t Expensive

(source: VisitTheCatskills)


There is a ton of interesting, cultural things to do in New York City, but a lot of the time, events are exclusive to an elite group; only those who can afford to buy the expensive tickets to Broadway shows and galas. In the Sullivan County Catskills, the gorgeous landscapes, hiking trails, and views are  all free. The ability to walk around and enjoy culture is not expensive as it is in New York City. 



The Fresh Air

(source: VisitTheCatskills)

Take a breath, do you smell that? Well if you were in New York City, you might be smelling car fumes and sidewalk-stuck pizza. Now take another breath. If you were in the Sullivan County Catskills, you might be  smelling pine, fresh flowers, and untainted air.



No Waiting For A Table At Dinner

(source: VisitTheCatskills)

To get into even a McDonalds in New York City, you might be waiting around for a while. In the Sullivan County Catskills, you have restaurants like Bernie’s Holiday Restaurant, Crust Italian Eatery, and Off The  Hook that offer you delicious food in no time at all. 


No Traffic

(source: VisitTheCatskills)

Anyone that has driven into New York City knows that it takes you around an hour just to find parking, let alone the time to get into the city. The traffic is brutal,  especially to those that are not used to it. In the Sullivan County Catskills, there is no such thing. 


Many Moments of Silence

(source: VisitTheCatskills)

In the Sullivan County Catskills, you won’t hear honking, construction, and—wait, what did that taxi driver just call you? Enjoy the peace and quiet where all you hear is rustling waters, breeze through trees,  and the occasional owl. 



Family Friendly

(source: VisitTheCatskills)

Taking your family into the city doesn’t always work out as well as you would hope. Staying together in crowds seems impossible, the cost of food adds up, and someone always has to use the bathroom at the most inconvenient moment. Taking them to one of the free  public parks in the Sullivan County Catskills is as relaxing as it sounds. Enjoy your weekend in a stress-free environment. 




Straight Out Of A Storybook

(source: VisitTheCatskills)

Have you ever seen the Sullivan County Catskills? The luscious landscapes and magnificent vistas overshadow skyscrapers and food stands any day. You’ll know just after arriving that a weekend here will be well worth it over a weekend in New York City. 

Located just two hours North of New York City, the Sullivan County Catskills are an inexpensive alternative for a family getaway.


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